Features & Benefits:-

* Utilizes a fully adjustable electronic ignition module

* Pre-programmed with 14 different advance curves & rev limits.

* Compatible with both kick start & electric start applications

* Can be installed without any engine disassembly when used with stock cylinders & heads.

* Billet Aluminum Construction.

* Dual Fire & Single Fire Compatible.

Tech Tips:-

* The processor in this module is very sensitive to RFI – Make sure that you are using suppression core plug leads, resistor spark plugs, and the proper 3 ohm electronic coil – The module will not work otherwise!

* All units are pre-tested as working.

* Voltage spikes can also be a problem so it is necessary to have a good working generator and regulator.

* The replacement module is part number ACL-35496.

Proudly Made in the USA. by Accel Motorcycle Products !

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