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Features & Benefits:-

* Mild bolt-in street cam with more torque and HP for all around riding with stock comp ratio. Similar to stock L cam but more output. Pulls from 1800-5200 RPM.

* EV23 cams run great with fuel injectors or carburetors!

* Works with stock valve springs

Suggested Additional Purchase:

Adjustable Pushrod Kit: # SS930-0052 or # AP-292245

Lifters: # FE-4061 or # SS33-5352

Cam Change Gasket Kit: 1970-1992 # JGI-25225-70-KX or 1993-1999 # JGI-25225-93-KX

Cam Bearing: SS31-4009

Cam Shim Kit: BCM-7200

Steel Breather Gear: SS33-4250 (OEM is plastic)

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