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Features & Benefits:-

* Sport Plus Carbon (SPC), carbon fibre reinforced Belts offer premium OEM quality.

* 33% more tensile strength than conventional belts.

* Provides excellent flex and long service life.

* Patented fabric-reinforced tooth surface  increases horsepower and improves wear resistance.

* Designed to sustain belt-penetrating debris without breakage.

Tech Tips:-

* Count the Teeth on your Belt before Ordering!

* Avoid the following,

1. Improper handling – twisting, pinching, Kinking or prying.

2. Improper belt alignment, toe in or toe out, chamber tilt left or tilt right, vehicle alignment early model FXR’s, FXD’s, FLT’s.

3. Improper belt tension: too tight, too loose.

4. Worn out pulleys not replaced at time of belt replacement.

5. Oil leaks that cause oil to penetrate belt, chemical reaction to Belts.

6. Shocks that cause improper belt tension due to raising or lowering.

7. Broken shocks or Shock Studs.

8. Failure to properly readjust new belt as it seats into pulleys at 800 and 1600 klms, and at regular services.

9. Road debris, rocks, metal, glass, tire tread or re-tread pieces, etc.

10. Failure to properly readjust belt on bikes overloaded for long trips.

11. Chemicals used to clean motorcycle – chemical reaction to Belts.

12. Racing, burnouts, wheel stands, all affect tension and alignment.

13. Worn or broken pulley isolator rubber/s.

14. Reverse over bending of belt.

15. Belt that rubs or has contact with the belt passage way.

Proudly Made in the USA by Goodyear the OEM supplier to Buell Motor Co.  

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