Features & Benefits:-

* 909 Uppercut Forward Slash Slip-Ons Mufflers that match the line of the Stock Bags.

* These mufflers are unique on several fronts.

* First, the rear is finished with a rolled scalloped tip, not a simple slash cut.

* That rolled tip is matched with an inner core finished with the same scalloped cut.

* The inner tip is actually part of the constant velocity, tuned core that

gives the muffler its great sound & performance.

* Also,there are no unsightly external screws holding in the tip or core giving the muffler a smooth undisturbed finish from front to back.

* We have made every attempt to make the new 909 Twins one of the premier mufflers in the business.

* From performance, to style to sound, we think we succeeded.

* Ever since we introduced the 909 slip-ons, we have been getting requests for a version that aligns perfectly with the bags and we use a stainless-steel tip on this one to help prevent rusting.

Tech Tips:-

* Does NOT fit 2017up Trike models. The 2017up Trike’s use 1995-2016 fitment Touring mufflers.

* Fuel Mixture Calibration is Advised.

Proudly Made in the USA by Cobra !

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