Features & Benefits:-

* The Worlds Highest Quality, Longest Lasting Charging Systems.

Tech Tips:-

* When replacing 1936-1957 3 brush generators use 31035-58 oil deflector, discard existing spring and old deflector.

* Check for clearance on foot clutch models. Over all length of DVG-5000 is 7.58 inches from gasket surface to fins.

* This Generator is polarised at the factory – Do NOT Polarise when fitting.

* Regulators are Solid-State Electronic Device that Produce Heat,

they need a flow of Cool Air to Dissipate this Heat.

* Black regulators Dissipate heat far better than Chrome Regulators.

* Regulator covers & Low Mount Oil Coolers can block air flow & reduce heat dissipation.

* As the temperature of a Regulator Increases, the risk of failure Increases – If the regulator gets too hot it will fail.

Proudly made in Brookville, Ohio, USA by Cycle Electric !

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