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* Compatible with most original equipment and aftermarket dual fire ignition coils (3-5 ohms primary resistance)

* Ultra reliable dual fire electronic ignition system for all Harley-Davidson® V-twin engines except early magneto type and 1999 and later Twin-Cam®

* Includes special trigger rotor for use with traditional mechanical advance mechanism (supplied by customer)

* Precise digitally set RPM limiter (200 RPM steps from 5,200 to 7,000 RPM)

* Status LED for easy static timing

* Electronic dwell control for maximum ignition energy at high RPM and reduced current draw at low RPM

* Easy installation. Simple two wire hookup to coil

* Hall effect sensor detects teeth on special trigger rotor and provides very stable spark timing l

* Operates down to below 6 volts for reliable starting under all conditions, including kick start

* Fully encapsulated construction using surface mount electronics. Waterproof and highly resistant tovibration and shock

* Over-temperature protection. Rated to operate at 125º C (260º F)

* This product must ONLY be used in such a way as to ensure the vehicle remains compliant with the relevant emission control requirements.

* Responsibility rests with the installer to ensure appropriate test equipment is used to validate the above.

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