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Features & Benefits:-

* Recommended For use with oil pumps FE-7030

* OE+ camplates are a direct bolt in replacement and will accept the factory oil pump.

* OE+ stock replacement billet camplates are manufactured from 6061 aluminum providing increased rigidity and machined to FEULING’s® high tolerance standards. The pressure relief valve and spring are pre-set, matched and seated by FEULING® with a full pop off pressure of 50-60 psi.

* As with all FEULING® components, thecompetitively priced OE+ camplates are designed and manufactured to the highest standard of quality with proven FEULING® performance.

* Made in the U.S.A.

Tech Tips:

* Also fit’s 2006 Dyna (These use 2007up Oiling Systems)

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