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*PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE DVDS ARE PAL FORMATTED BUT PLAY ON ALL COMPUTERS!* (PAL is standard format for Europe, Russia, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Middle East, China, and other parts of Asia.)

In September 2016 Timo Caraco and some friends traveled from the Gold Coast of Australia to Tasmania on 50 year old choppers, in a failed attempt to find the most picturesque roads in Australia. The weather was menacing and it was soon realized quite quickly it was not in the comfort and protection of the Mainland. They were greeted with piercing torrential rain, roaring winds and even snow.

Fast Forward to February 2017 and with some better planning the 2nd trip to Tasmania turns into an epic success. Matty South and Timo traveled from the top of Tasmania to the most western road leading into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, one of the last untouched regions on Earth. From there they rode to the most southern beach in Tasmania, all the while witnessing the beauty of this great land from the Aurora Australis, to the Rugged mining mountains of Zheehan, and up the eastern coast of Tasmania.

There’s nothing like traveling this untouched land on a vintage Harley Davidson with your swag tied to the back. There’s a certain freedom in setting up camp wherever you decide to pull over for the day. 1500km’s on these old motorcycles, Tasmania is Australia’s best kept secret and there’s only 1 true way to experience it… on an old chopper!