Features & Benefits:-

* Braid colour & weave matches all Magnum cables & brake lines.

* Non-yellowing, clear outer jacket for protection against scuffing.

* Exceeds all OEM specifications for fitment, construction & endurance

* E-Z Align rotating caliper banjo allows for perfect no-kink fitments.

* Meets or exceeds FMVSS-106 Australian Design Specifications

Tech Tips:-

* Non ABS Application.

* Top Fitting with 10mm x 35 Degree Banjo.

* BottomFitting with 10mm x 60 Degree Banjo.

* Housing length is measured from the center of the Banjo hole at the Master Cylinder to the flat part of the 90 Degree at the caliper.

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Proudly Manufactured by Magnum Shielding !

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