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Features & Benefits:-

* Stylish coverage with clean lines and smooth curves.

* 19in. wide.

* Class A gloss black finish outside, looks great as is or can be easily painted.

* Made in the U.S.A. – Made in Memphis!

NOTE: Requires Additional Parts!


Road King & Road King Classic 1994up Require:

Trigger-Lock Mounting Hardware Part # MEM-MEB2039

Requires 9/16in. Open Side Deep Socket for auxiliary light adjustment Part # MEM-MEM0993

Road King Special 2017up & Road King Custom 2004-2007 Require:

Trigger-Lock Mounting Hardware Part # MEM-MEB2040


a) 9in. Dark Black Smoke Part # MEM-MEP86610

b) 11in. Dark Black Smoke Part # MEM-MEP86710

b) 13in. Black Smoke Part # MEM-MEP86812

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