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36in. Front Turn Signal Relocation Harness, (SOLDER ON & OEM PLUG INSTALLED) (2011-’17 FXST & FLST with switch housing mounted front turn signals)

When a customer decides to install taller bars on a CAN/Bus model and their model has turn signals mounted under the handlebar switch housings, chances are they want the signals relocated. The only way to move them is to cut the turn signal wiring that is hard wired into the circuit board installed in the handlebar switch housing.

Our kit will give anyone the ability to cut the wiring, heat shrink the cut wire to prevent a short, solder on our extension harness and simply connect the other end of our harness (with the mating connector we install) into the factory connector located under the fuel tank like all other 1996-Up models.

Now the customer can install their turn signals anywhere on the bike with ease.

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