Bikes with heated grips require a different handlebar control. Normally the installer would trim off the inner portion of their grip to provide bar space for installation of the push button control. Since we don’t want to cut heated grips, and loose the heated feature, we have a different button control. The new control has an inner diameter that is 1.5in. that can clamp directly on the heated grip. Part number PE-663S.

Features & Benefits:-

* Achieve lightning fast gearshifts at the touch of a button

* Eliminates the need to shift with foot or clutch

* Kit includes a stylish dual button shift control for upshift/downshifts and a chrome plated electronic shift solenoid

* Includes all necessary mounting brackets for a perfect fit

Pingel Electric Speed Shifter Kits include a dual button handlebar control, a shift cylinder support bracket and the state of the art control module which sends a quick signal from the dual button handlebar control to the shift cylinder. Also included is the electronic engine kill module and step-by-step instructions with photos for an easy 2-3 hour installation.

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