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Fits Damper Part Numbers:

1201-20BG, 1202-20BG, 1203-20BG, 1204-20BG, 1205-20BG, 1206-20BG, 1207-20BG, 12-1102-20, 12-1202-20, 12-1252-20, 12-1300-20, 12-1302-20, 12-1350-20, 12-1400-20, 12-1420-20.

Burly Brand shocks use a unique bushing which is not available for sale separately. The 5025-10 bushes in this kit will be wider, but will function just fine as a replacement.

Includes bush part number 5025-10 and no sleeves.

Kit includes four bushes and no sleeves.

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